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Looking for the best Yakutsk travel deals around? Airfare brings together everything you need to know about discount airfare, cheap hotels, and planning your trip to Yakutsk. Find all kinds of great deals with flights to Yakutsk, Russia for as low as 323.57$, arriving from Novyy(KHV). When choosing a flight to Yakutsk, keep in mind that the closest airport to the area is Neryungri(NER), which is 414 mile or 666 km away. Travelers can also find great deals with the second closest airport to the city which is Polyarnyj(PYJ) (609 mile or 980 km away). Affordable flights to Yakutsk often fly in Airbus A318/319/320/321 or Tupolev Tu154 aircrafts. Yakutia Air Company (R3), Kras Air (7B), and Domodedovo Airlines (E3) are the most popular discount airlines with flights to Yakutsk.

After your arrival, you can book cheap hotels in Yakutsk by using the currency of the area, the Russian ruble. Travelers can also easily venture to the neighboring cities Neryungri(NER) (416 mile or 669 km away) and Polyarnyj(PYJ) (609 mile or 980 km away) to check out different sights and landmarks. Airfare can help you find the real deals with hotels in Yakutsk and flights to Yakutsk by extensively searching over two-hundred travel websites. Plan your trip with Airfare to get all the Yakutsk deals.

The Cheapest fares to Yakutsk (YKS)

Novyy $323.57
Domodedovo $350.75
Irkutsk $357.57
Vladivostok $375.57
Dusseldorf $512.17
Brnik $599.25

The Cheapest fares from Yakutsk (YKS)

Novyy $325.16
Irkutsk $432.5
Vladivostok $638.76
Pulkovo $694.36
Anchorage Intl $878.05
Los Angeles Intl $893.86
Kimpo Intl $968.18
Buyant Uhaa $988.38
San Francisco Intl $1058.96
Adler Sochi $1087.8 has been online since 1996 and have booked millions of travelers to thousands of destinations. We are available 24 Hours per day and 7 days per week to help you at our call center. Company Address: 4619 41st street NW suite 300 Washington DC 20016. 1-800-AIR-FARE(247-3273) 703-379-1777 - Call Center Hours: Open 24 Hours / 365 Days
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