France Airports

Code Airport Name Location
AGF La Garenne AGF-La Garenne, Agen, France
AJA Campo Dell Oro AJA-Campo Dell Oro, Ajaccio, France
ANE Marce ANE-Marce, Angers, France
ANG Brie-Champniers ANG-Brie-Champniers, Angouleme, France
AUR Aurillac AUR-Aurillac, France
AVN Avignon Caum AVN-Avignon Caum, France
BES Guipavas BES-Guipavas, Brest, France
BIA Poretta BIA-Poretta, Bastia, France
BIQ Biarritz Parme BIQ-Biarritz Parme, France
BOD Bordeaux Airport BOD-Bordeaux Airport, France
BVA Beauvais Tille BVA-Beauvais Tille, Paris, France
BVE Laroche BVE-Laroche, Brive La Gaillard, France
BZR Beziers Vias BZR-Beziers Vias, France
CCF Salvaza CCF-Salvaza, Carcassonne, France
CDG Charles De Gaulle CDG-Charles De Gaulle, Paris, France
CFE Aulnat CFE-Aulnat, Clermont Ferrand, France
CFR Carpiquet CFR-Carpiquet, Caen, France
CLY Sainte Catherine CLY-Sainte Catherine, Calvi, France
CMF Chambery CMF-Chambery, France
DCM Mazamet DCM-Mazamet, Castres, France
DNR Pleurtuit DNR-Pleurtuit, Dinard, France
DOL Saint Gatien DOL-Saint Gatien, Deauville, France
EGC Roumanieres EGC-Roumanieres, Bergerac, France
ETZ Nancy Metz ETZ-Nancy Metz, Metz Nancy, France
FNI Garons FNI-Garons, Nimes, France
FSC Sud Corse FSC-Sud Corse, Figari, France
GNB Saint Geoirs GNB-Saint Geoirs, Grenoble, France
LAI Servel LAI-Servel, Lannion, France
LBG Le Bourget LBG-Le Bourget, Paris, France
LDE Lourdes Tarbes Intl LDE-Lourdes Tarbes Intl, France
LEH Octeville LEH-Octeville, Le Havre, France
LIG Bellegarde LIG-Bellegarde, Limoges, France
LIL Lesquin LIL-Lesquin, Lille, France
LPY Loudes LPY-Loudes, Le Puy, France
LRH Laleu LRH-Laleu, La Rochelle, France
LRT Lann Bihoue LRT-Lann Bihoue, Lorient, France
LTQ Le Touquet LTQ-Le Touquet, France
LTT La Mole LTT-La Mole, Saint Tropez, France
LYS Saint Exupery LYS-Saint Exupery, Lyon, France
MPL Frejorgues MPL-Frejorgues, Montpellier, France
MRS Marseille MRS-Marseille, France
MXN Morlaix MXN-Morlaix, France
NCE Cote D Azur NCE-Cote D Azur, Nice, France
NCY Annecy Meythe NCY-Annecy Meythe, France
NTE Nantes Atlantique NTE-Nantes Atlantique, France
ORY Orly ORY-Orly, Paris, France
PAR All Airports PAR-All Airports, Paris, France
PGF Rivesaltes PGF-Rivesaltes, Perpignan, France
PGX Perigueux PGX-Perigueux, France
PIS Biard PIS-Biard, Poitiers, France
POX Cergy Pontoise POX-Cergy Pontoise, Paris, France
PUF Uzein PUF-Uzein, Pau, France
RDZ Marcillac RDZ-Marcillac, Rodez, France
RNS Saint Jacques RNS-Saint Jacques, Rennes, France
SBK Tremuson SBK-Tremuson, Saint Brieuc, France
SNR Montoir SNR-Montoir, Saint Nazaire, France
SXB Entzheim SXB-Entzheim, Strasbourg, France
TLN Hyeres TLN-Hyeres, Toulon, France
TLS Blagnac TLS-Blagnac, Toulouse, France
TUF Saint Symphorien TUF-Saint Symphorien, Tours, France
UIP Pluguffan UIP-Pluguffan, Quimper, France
URO Boos URO-Boos, Rouen, France
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